Junior Black Belt Class

This class is for those karate students who are Junior Black Belts working on their Adult Black Belt.  Mr. Chuck specifically designed this class for CMA’s Junior Black Belts to not only learn the adult karate curriculum in order to test for their SOLID black belt, but also to maintain their knowledge of the junior curriculum as well.

Ranks of CMA’s Junior Black Belt:

  • First Degree = Adult Yellow Belt
  • Second Degree = Adult Orange Belt
  • Third Degree = Adult Green Belt
  • Fourth Degree = Adult Blue Belt
  • Fifth Degree = Adult Brown Belt

After receiving a Fifth Degree Junior Black Belt, the next belt will either be the Advanced Junior Black Belt or the Adult Solid Black Belt.(both tests are the same and equal, but the Advanced Junior Black Belt has a red stripe down the middle of the black belt.  This belt is usually for those 16 years and younger.  Once of a certain age, the Adult Solid Black Belt will be awarded at a ceremony.)

Mondays: 6:30pm-7:30pm