Chuck Cawthon is Georgia Critic’s Choice “Trainer of the Year”!

*Photo by Jamie Wable

For the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW CMA’s Head Trainer and founder of Contemporary Martial Arts, Chuck Cawthon, has received Critic’s Choice “Trainer of the Year”!  (Last year, Chuck received the People’s Choice AND Critic’s Choice “Trainer of the Year)

“Those awards mean much more than just the words printed on them. They represent the professional relationship between trainer and pupil, the hard work of EVERY student from 4 yrs old to adult, the great atmosphere inside Contemporary Martial Arts and much, much more.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my wife and best friend Carolina Cawthon.  She is without a doubt the best friend I have ever had.  Without her, I would have never had the confidence to do what I do.  She continues to support me and consistently pushes me to be the best person, husband, PawPaw, and trainer that I could possibly be.  Thank you Carolina!!

Thank you to all trainers/critics who voted for me again this year! I felt like a “fanboy” on stage with all the other recipients who have been doing this game much longer than me and also feel that there were some much more deserving. I’m humbled and honored to receive this award for the second year in a row. Thanks to all of my students because without great students, there could be no great trainer. Thank you to David Oblas, Jose Santiago and everyone else involved for having such an event for coaches, fighters and gyms to get recognized. Also thanks to MY trainers: David “Chip” Prather, Adam Singer, Rory Singer and my judo coach Zach Hill.”

~Chuck Cawthon