Yet ANOTHER MMA Title Comes Home To CMA!

*Photo credit CAROLINA MMA (

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone that came out to support me, C.J. Hamilton, Jay Gray and Brandon Webb.

Webb was first to fight and did NOT disappoint!   He landed an uppercut early in the first round to get the knockout and walked away knowing he didn’t have to get more hits in after his opponent was down and out. A professional gesture by a young amateur.  Upon winning this bout, Brandon became the NEW USFFC 145 lbs MMA Champion! Brandon now has TWO MMA titles in TWO different states in TWO different weight classes!  (GFC 155 lbs MMA Champion, and NOW the USFFC 145 lbs Champion!)

Jay did well in the first round, landing some right hands and managing to get up after each takedown. In the 2nd round, he backed out with his chin up and got clipped. He got his wits back while on the ground, but it was too late. His opponent had already secured a dominant position, and even though Jay escaped a RNC, the ref stopped it due to strikes after the escape. Good stoppage, and Jay is perfectly fine and healthy.

C.J. showed what happens when CMA striking is accompanied with his long and prestigious wrestling pedigree! Throwing fakes/feints of takedowns while standing, landing low kicks, securing a top dominant position while landing heavy shots, passing to the side , taking the back and securing a rear naked choke in the first round.

As always, thanks to Adam & Rory Singer & all of the training partners at The HardCore Gym, and all the training partners at CMA!!