CMA Hartwell and CMA Monroe Had Successful Belt Testings!

Wednesday, March 25th & Thursday, March 26th CMA 1st degree black belt Dave Martin and his wife Kim had their FIRST belt test of 2015 at their dojo in Monroe, Georgia!  From Pre K Lil Dragons & K-2nd Lil Dragons on March 25th to 3rd grade through 8th grade juniors on March 26th, CMA Monroe had a GREAT first time testing!  Congrats to all who passed, and a special CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Chuck’s granddaughter Lilly for passing her 1st degree yellow belt test!

Saturday, March 28th CMA Hartwell hosted our first belt test inside our building since September of 2014.  Late 2014, our building was flooded and had over $25,000 worth of damage done to equipment/mats.  It took us weeks to repair, and we could not have rebuilt  and made it through that terrible time without the students, friends, family, strangers and our ENTIRE hometown of Hartwell coming to our rescue.  With the help of ALL mentioned, CMA was able to make a big enough down payment for top of the line mats safe enough for Pre K Lil Dragons and durable enough for our MMA Team.  It was a very humbling experience and one that we will ALWAYS be thankful for.

Congratulations to ALL who passed, and for those who fell short let’s get back at it and work harder for NEXT test month!