Flood Damage and Fundraiser for New Mats

Contemporary Martial Arts in Hartwell was hit by an unexpected 8-10 inches of rain on September 8th, 2014 that accumulated within 2-3 hours and then overtook every square inch of our building. Our mats were soaked through and through and now we are left with bare concrete. To replace the mats will cost around $25, 000. We were denied a claim because it was considered a “flood”, so we will have to come “out of pocket” in order to get new mats. CMA has hundreds of kids who will be doing class on a concrete floor until we order new mats.   We will have to borrow money so we can order the mats and make it a safe environment for the kids.  The money donated will go directly towards paying the bank off for the new mats ordered.  The link below is a site that you can donate and/or share with as many people as possible to help with this cause.  The minimum to donate is $5.  Please donate and/or share the link for others to do the same.  THANK YOU!