Brandon Webb wins 155 lbs debut & Jay Gray becomes FIRST amateur fighter to hold belts/titles in TWO different weight classes!

Saturday, August 9th, 2014 CMA had two fighters on a fight card at NFC 67, Brandon Webb and Jay Gray. Brandon took this fight on a 3 day’s notice at a higher weight class than he has ever fought as an adult. Brandon landed some spectacular slams and takedowns, while his opponent did a great job landing heavy knees while they were pressed up against the cage. In the end though, it was Brandon’s slams/takedowns and ground/pound that won him the fight! Next up was Jay fighting for the light heavyweight(205 lbs) title. Jay was ranked #1 in the light heavyweight division and was asked to fight for the title against the #1 heavyweight division for the 205 lbs belt. This fight showed that Jay has DRAMATICALLY improved his wrestling to compliment his already awesome standup and slick Jiu Jitsu.(Adam and Rory Singer are to thank for that!) Jay won the standup exchanges, the clinch on and off the cage, managed to either sweep or get up off his back and landed HEAVY hands while on top for some SWEET ground and pound! Jay won by unanimous decision making him GFC’s FIRST and ONLY fighter to hold belts/titles in TWO divisions! (205 and 185 lbs CHAMP!)
It was VERY humbling to hear and see all of our supporters from CMA last night. You guys ROCK!!! Even though C.J. Hamilton did not fight at this event due to his opponent pulling out the day before weighins,  his energy, loyalty, devotion, and pride for OUR team is unparalleled. CMA would not have the success we have without ALL of our team members. Special thanks goes out to: Carolina Cawthon, James and Amy Williams, Brandon Cawthon, Bryce Esco, Jeff Falke, Jessica Johnson, Andrew Ballenger, Bob Green, Jim Robinson, Blake Grice, Sit Quan Tong, Brian Robertson and Adam & Rory Singer along with ALL of our brothers/sisters at THCG!