The Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club members range from 8 to adult, & all skill levels. They all have one common trait; the desire to improve and reach their full potential, and of course to achieve the highly coveted Black Belt (and beyond).

Our Black Belt Club membership is by invitation only based on what the instructors see in class and the reports from parents. Our Black Belt Club students must try to show Black Belt Excellence in all aspects of their lives. A select group of students are chosen to participate in this special program who will serve as role models and helpers in not only their own classes but as assistants to the instructors in the classes of other students. All Black Belt Club members are expected to lead by example through exemplary behavior, both inside and outside of their normal karate classes, demonstrating responsibility, discipline and respect at ALL times.

Black Belt Club Benefits:

  • 10% Discounts on retail purchases(over $50)
  • Demonstration Team Membership
  • Specialized training (weapons, etc.)
  • BBC only seminars
  • Unlimited class attendance
  • And much, MUCH MORE!!