CMA’s Junior Kickboxing Team at the IKF WORLD CLASSIC!

Wow. The words “teamwork”, “camaraderie”, “friends”, “family” are used a lot and thrown around quite a bit BUT this weekend those words DO NOT GIVE JUSTICE to what I saw. I saw kids cheering for kids, I saw kids hugging and consoling those that did not get the win, I saw kids congratulating the winners as well as the losers. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Those “kids” were/are MY junior kickboxing team. They have grown to be friends and family through training and competing. THAT’S what my sport does for children. It teaches those things directly AND indirectly. More than ANYTHING, THOSE things are the reason I teach children. I believe my sport teaches the young things that other sports can not. I was proud to stand beside Ryan Peace, Brandon Chuck Cawthon, and C.J. Dozier Hamilton to help coach and prepare OUR kids for their matches this past weekend. In every victory and defeat, my coaches, the other members of the team, and ALL of the parents were right there to show support and show love after the fight. I was one proud coach this past weekend. Not because of the hands of my fighters’ being raised, but because of the TEAMWORK/CAMARADERIE/FRIENDSHIPS/FAMILY that was created through Contemporary Martial Arts. And for those who want to know “how they did?”, CMA has 5 kids ranked at #2 in the world and 2 IKF WORLD CHAMPION KICKBOXERS!

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