Saturday Muay Thai Classes!

NEW Muay Thai kickboxing classes starting Saturday, June 1!!

CMA black belt and BFN Pro Fighter of the Year, Ryan Peace will be   teaching a weekly Muay Thai kickboxing class EVERY Saturday from 9:30am-10:30am.  Ryan is a three time WORLD KARATE CHAMPION, an amateur ISKA US Muay Thai Champion, amateur ISKA SE MMA Champion, and also has trained in Muay Thai in Thailand.

ONLY $40/month!($15/class if you want to pay per class)  If you are on CMA’s Fight Team, this class is HIGHLY recommended!  If you are not on our fight team, and would like to be, this class is MANDATORY!


This is an additional fee to the program that you, or your child, is already enrolled in at CMA.