Gym of the Year!

On Saturday, January 24, Chuck attended the Georgia Fighters’ Awards Banquet with Jay Gray and Brandon Webb.

NFC 185 lbs AND NFC 205 lbs Champion Jay Gray won Critic’s Choice Breakthrough Fighter of the Year.

Brandon Webb won People’s Choice Breakthrough Fighter of the Year AND Male Fighter of the Year THEN went on later that night to fight UP A WEIGHT CLASS and WIN the NFC 155 lbs title!(CMA now has THREE NFC Titles in HARTWELL!)

Contemporary Martial Arts, Inc. won People’s Choice Gym of the Year!

Chuck won Critic’s Choice AND People’s Choice Trainer of the Year!

Chuck would like to thank Carolina Cawthon for believing in him and their business, his stepson Dave Martin and stepdaughter Tanya Hudson who helped start a solid foundation for thier FAMILY business, EVERY student that has EVER walked through our doors since 1996, ALL the past and current parents who support CMA, ALL those who voted online, and to all of Chuck’s peers who voted for me in the “Critic’s Choice”.

An additional THANK YOU goes to Adam Singer and Rory Singer from The HardCore GYm who helped Chuck get started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Muay Thai/MMA, opened their doors whenever he wanted to come train, who CONTINUE to be there for him and CMA fighters, and more importantly have become more than just friends.

And also to Scott Hicks, Blake Grice and Brian Roberson for their help throughout the years in Muay Thai.


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Start the NEW YEAR off with a KICK!

Because of such an overwhelming demand for it, CMA will be accepting new students THROUGHOUT the month of January!  PLEASE take advantage of this RARE opportunity and come on in to sign up for classes!  ALL AGES! ALL PROGRAMS!  Ages 4 & up.

Call NOW to set up an appointment at CMA Hartwell!  (706)376-5544

*This SPECIAL OFFER also includes our second location in Monroe, Georgia!  Call head instructor Dave Martin for more details:  (706)308-7215

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