Head Trainer: Chuck Cawthon

One on one private, or semi private, sessions with 3 TIME GEORGIA TRAINER OF THE YEAR, Chuck Cawthon!

*Private lessons are available to other gyms/students/fighters as well!




-Striking for MMA

-Footwork for the cage or ring

-Belt curriculum for adults and/or juniors

-Parent(s) and their child(children)

-Tournament preparation(fighting, forms, weapons)

-Acrobatic kicking

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*Discounts available for multiple lessons and semi-private group lessons!!

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Come join OUR family in 2014!

CMA is family owned and operated and has been since our opening in 1996!

CMA specializes in child behavior, development, self discipline, self control, confidence, teamwork, health and fitness, respect, and self defense. Martial arts builds self-confidence and teaches discipline which will provide a solid foundation from which your children will develop strong character. While studying the martial arts is fun, your children will be learning important lessons in values and respect that will shape how they view the world around them. And even though we teach to avoid confrontations, if the need arises, your children can be secure in their knowledge of how to defend them from physical harm. This is the power derived from the martial arts.

Even though CMA specializes in children’s development, we also have the best adult fitness, self defense and sport classes around!

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