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CMA Pro Fighter WINS via T.K.O.!

Saturday, January 25 CMA had 3 fighters compete at NFC 62 in Duluth, Georgia.  In the Co Main Event last night, C.J. Hamilton fought for the 5th time as a professional fighter and WON by TKO in the second round after a DOMINATING first round. During the fight, not only did C.J. fight with his natural instincts but he also listened to me and did EXACTLY what I was telling him DURING the fight and WHILE he was striking. All of you fighters and coaches out there know how awesome it is to have a fighter that is not only coach-able in the gym, but INSIDE the cage and IN THE FIGHT! C.J. has ALWAYS been that fighter. He trusts me, he trusts his instincts, and adapts during a fight if necessary. It’s an honor and privilege to coach such a fighter. His opponent last night got hurt, and we truly hope that it will not be any serious injury and that he will be able to step back in the cage and on the training mat very soon.

Andrew Ballenger also fought on the card.  One of my best friends fought his heart out in front of a packed out Wild Bill’s and did not get his hand raised. It wasn’t the first time this happened, but it was difficult to see him not get what he had worked so hard for. Andrew  will no doubt be a great pro fighter. I’ve ALWAYS believed that, and ALWAYS will. His opponent knew he had to secure takedowns and stay on top, and that’s what he did. Andrew got a takedown in the 3rd and secured top position for a while but it was not enough. But just like that last 10 seconds of the fight when BOTH guys were swinging and fighting to the bitter end, Andrew will NOT let this hold him back and without a doubt, he will be back training ASAP to reach his NEXT goal: CMA’s 3rd PRO FIGHTER! I am VERY PROUD to not only call Andrew my student, but more importantly to call him my friend. Having “heart” has a LOT to do with fighting, and he has a LOT of it.

Brandon Webb made his MMA DEBUT and fought for the FIRST TIME as an ADULT!  I’ve trained Brandon Webb since he was in early high school. He quickly became one of our top junior fighters within a few short years. When I looked at him in the cage last night, I suddenly didn’t see my “junior fighter” anymore. It was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever had training juniors up to the adult divisions. Brandon went out against an older, more experienced fighter, got taken down a couple of times, got in a bad spot for while, but STILL kept his composure and finished the first round like a veteran fighter! He walked his opponent over to our corner, looked at me during the fight, listened, and did EXACTLY what I told him. After the first round, he had shaken out the “jitters” and did what I knew he could do. Victory by TKO in the second round! Hats off to his opponent for having a great first round and fighting to the very end. The future is your for the taking Brandon, and I can’t wait to see you RISE TO THE TOP!

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Head Trainer: Chuck Cawthon

One on one private, or semi private, sessions with 3 TIME GEORGIA TRAINER OF THE YEAR, Chuck Cawthon!

*Private lessons are available to other gyms/students/fighters as well!




-Striking for MMA

-Footwork for the cage or ring

-Belt curriculum for adults and/or juniors

-Parent(s) and their child(children)

-Tournament preparation(fighting, forms, weapons)

-Acrobatic kicking

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Come join OUR family in 2014!

CMA is family owned and operated and has been since our opening in 1996!

CMA specializes in child behavior, development, self discipline, self control, confidence, teamwork, health and fitness, respect, and self defense. Martial arts builds self-confidence and teaches discipline which will provide a solid foundation from which your children will develop strong character. While studying the martial arts is fun, your children will be learning important lessons in values and respect that will shape how they view the world around them. And even though we teach to avoid confrontations, if the need arises, your children can be secure in their knowledge of how to defend them from physical harm. This is the power derived from the martial arts.

Even though CMA specializes in children’s development, we also have the best adult fitness, self defense and sport classes around!

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